New Fave Online Store February 6, 2009

Sadly most bridesmaids dresses sing that song U-G-L-Y! is a goldmine for trendy affordable clothing where you could quite possibly find a dress that would make a gorgeous bridesmaid dress like the ones in the post below. “Stylish bridesmaid dress” is pretty much a sought after oxymoron by brides equivalent to searching for that needle in a haystack. is UK’s largest online fashion retailer with an eclectic display of thousands of high-fashion designer pieces, own label products, and celebrity-inspired clothing like this dress from that “fab wedding” below. The design was inspired by celebrity, Kate Bosworth’s dress.  Unfortunately, it’s almost out of stock, but it’s on sale for $45.40. Yup that’s right, only $45.40!


If you go to the site and are confused as to how to make purchases because the prices are in euros, look to the top right hand corner and you can change the currency to US dollars. FYI shipping will probably be more costly. Definitely browse the ‘clearance’ section. It has some great bargains and it’s huge! Here’s a taste of what dresses I came across even to just wear for yourself. All these dresses except 2 ranged from about $20-$60.  Happy shopping! =)