Anthropologie Bridesmaids Dresses February 13, 2009

I know I know I’m on a bridesmaids dress rampage these days. I just get so excited about ideas and unique alternatives to the typical dresses we’re use to seeing. This leads me to another favorite store that’s also a great source for some really cute dresses – Anthropologie!

Paula, one of my really close friends/bff/maid of honor and I were having this discussion about what store we thought defined our styles the most. Our styles are quite different. For her I picked bebe, because Paula’s taste is very modern, sexy, and contemporary. For me, I would definitely have to choose Anthropologie. Its earthy, feminine, dainty, bohemian, classy, and girly clothing, accessories, and even furniture completely epitomizes my taste and style. My earthy, capricorn self feels right at home when I walk into one of their stores.  Let’s oogle some bridal parties dressed in Anthropologie.


Photo taken by Jerry Yoon Photography


Photos taken by Viera Photographics

More dresses currently sold on their site:


In comparison to the cookie-cutter styles designed for bridesmaids, these Anthropologie dresses definitely have some character don’t ya think ? How do you like these Anthro dresses and what store represents your style?

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend everyone! JD has our date planned so I’m excited to see what’s in store. I’m also looking forward to feature a guest blogger to share with you next week! =)