Valentine’s Day Recap February 16, 2009

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Our date did not go exactly as JD planned but nonetheless, it was a fun night. The evening started with a drive to Hillcrest – a diverse, urban, hip oasis of thrift shops, cafes, night-life, and restaurants. We found parking in a lot a bustling block away and walked our way to the Corvette Diner. I laughed when JD excitedly said that the night he planned even had a theme. My only instructions were “Don’t spend too much.” (since we’re trying to save as much as possible for the wedding.) We turned the street corner to find that the restaurant was jam-packed with people including a long line that extended out their door. I asked, “Did you make reservations?” To my dismay, he replied, “They don’t take any.” We squeezed our way through the crowds to find out at the register that the wait would be at least one hour. This is when you abort all plans and free-style (wing it!). Immediately we knew we’d just stroll the nearby sidewalks to browse all the other restaurants instead. My stomach was gurgling all kinds of groans and grunts at me. I knew everything else would be packed or required reservations so we just walked right across to Pizza Nova – nothing fancy, no huge lines, and I was craving some type of pizza with goat cheese and mushrooms.

Afterward, on our way back to the car I remembered seeing a dessert shop we had passed on a corner and wanted to check it out. Nothin’ like satisfying a sweet tooth on Valentine’s day and we were definitely in for a treat. Here’s where it got a little more fancy.

Mille Feuille Chocolates and Patisseries is a sleek , crest-white boutique that encases tantalizing neoclassical French desserts and chocolates. Here they also sell several flavors of delectable French macaroons (a la Marie Antoinette).

mille-feuille1MARIE ANTOINETTE

They look like these



I’ve always been fascinated by how French macaroons looked and curious to find how they tasted. It was my first time. I ordered a nutella and a rose flavored macaroon along with a caramel latte. They were quite good and we’d definitely go back again. JD said my eyes got really big when I bit into the nutella flavored one. If you haven’t tried them yet, macaroons taste like a chewy, cream-filled, moist, light, and airy cake encrusted in a sweet, crisp outer shell – overuse of adjectives there but they are YUMMY!

So returning back to JD’s original plans, he goes on to say that he came up with sort of a 50’s theme with the diner and that the next place he was going to take me was a drive-in movie theater. “What?” I ask excitedly, “They still have those?” “Yup,” he says, “I found one.” I use to LOVE going to the drive-in as a kid and couldn’t believe there was one around that was still running. I was impressed, but after the dessert and latte, I felt content and the cold weather made me feel like just going home and curling up on the sofa. When I told JD, he said he actually felt the same way too so we happily called it a night with our macaroon satiated bellies knowing another time we could go to the drive-in. =)


My Holiday December 31, 2008

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This month has been pretty crazy hectic for me this year. I was so looking forward to the holiday break from the madness only to find that chaos had kicked my butt and left me with a cold which I unfailingly catch around my Dec. 23rd birthday every year. Fortunately we made our Christmas day visit to my parents’ house in Vegas where I could finally rest and relax.

There’s no better place to recuperate  from illness like home, especially my home. My mama will have you up and running in no time. Growing up, I use to cower in fear to admit to her that I had caught a cold. She would get all worried and recite her lecture that I got sick for this reason and that reason and that I should take better care of myself by doing this or that. Then she would transform into my devoted nursemaid, taking painstaking care of me or my brother even for the most minor of colds. She’s one of the most caring and loving of mothers and this year I wasn’t too afraid to admit I was sick. This month I was exhausted and wanted to be babied. So along with the medicines, home-cooking, and remedies, my mom busted out  my least favorite treatment –  her juicer. =(

When I was a teenager, every now and then my mom would go into her sermon about how my lips were pale and that I was deficient in vitamins and needed more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Her solution: the loathsome juicer. She’d even try to entice us into drinking it by claiming it would be the end of my acne. She’d shove carrots, celery,  apples, etc. in that juicer and down would drip that orange or even green colored juice.  – it was disgusting and I hated it.

Last weekend she juiced these carrots, radishes, and celery – yeah all together


Here’s the evil woman brewing up her toxic concoction.


Hmmmm looks a little like Thai iced tea – Not!!


She even convinced JD to drink some too and like a good boy and girl we obediently listened. BLECH!


Disclaimer: These outfits are so not style-inspired

Hope you all have had some good r&r this holiday and have a Happy 2009!!!



Over The Weekend December 15, 2008


I caught up on the Pacquiao/De La Hoya fight that replayed on HBO over the weekend. My family ordered the fight in Vegas last weekend and had a party at their house. I had a long work week so I was too tired to drive to Vegas and was really bummed to miss out. Anytime someone would ask if I saw the fight or talked about how great it was, I’d cover my ears like Jimmy Fallon in “Fever Pitch”when he didn’t want to hear who won the Red Sox game.


So back to the fight, after covering my ears all week, I was excited and stunned to watch Pacquiao’s unexpected victory. He was the underdog whose fans feared would be no match for Oscar De La Hoya’s formidable left hook. Manny Pacquiao certainly proved us wrong as he repetitively launched his lightning speed attacks throwing down the ‘Golden Boy’ from his throne. De La Hoya’s reign had come to a bitter-sweet end and Manny Pacquaio (aka Pac-Man) sure did make the Filipinos proud =) Bet you didn’t know Obama is really Filipino too right?

obamaLOL! I thought this was too funny when I saw this pic in a forwarded e mail.

On another note, I did also get to catch up on 2 movies I’ve been meaning to watch for a while:


“Juno” was a very well cast movie that I loved for all its heart-warming youthful quirks. It made me laugh, sigh, and a little misty-eyed.

“P.S. I love You” – this movie made me cry, cry, and cry. If you’re in the mood for a romantic tear-jerker, it will definitely have you bawling. Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler had amazing chemistry and there were funny moments as well. It was a complete chick flick and I did love it.


Happy Thanksgiving! November 27, 2008

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I am off on a plane tomorrow, Thanksgiving morning, to be with my family in Vegas. After my annual tradition of procrastinating to book Thanksgiving flights back home, I am thankful I finally kicked my butt in gear this year to book a flight ahead of time. No sitting in a car like I have on previous Thanksgiving weekends in bumper to bumper traffic for 8-9 hours in what would normally be a 4 and a half hour road trip all because I lagged on booking a flight. This year, amongst all my blessings large and small, I am thankful for the joy of being able to get home in about an hour =) Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here’s to giving thanks for the little things!



Last Night November 15, 2008

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Last night we celebrated at Dave & Buster’s for my cousin, Angelene’s birthday. Angelene’s a fun spirit with a pretty good head on her shoulders. The kind of company you enjoy having around. If she’s at a place playing music in the background you’re sure to catch her shakin’ it in her seat without a care for who might be watching. And when she gets on the dance floor, her moves unfailingly beckon guys to creep from behind =)


Happy Birthday cuz! Keep shakin’ that groove thang


“Change has come” November 7, 2008

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Obama 2008

What a way to kick off a new blog. Today is Nov. 6th, my brother’s b-day (Happy Birthday Mikie!). It is also just 2 days after November 4, 2008 when a country in peril ushered in the new President-Elect Barack Obama. A man of hope, inspiration, change, and destiny. What a sight to see the tens of thousands of people gathered at Chicago’s Grant Park as the nation and world wept in tears of joy and rejoiced on that new day. It was better than Christmas and New Year’s Eve combined as I witnessed the genuine outpour of happiness, love, and excitement. You can only think, this talented man must be something special to inspire and unite people of all colors and backgrounds worldwide and move them to such emotion.

Early that election day, uncertain of how long the lines would be, I woke up at 7am on a cold and rainy morning. With an umbrella at hand, JD and I walked across the street to the school to vote, understanding how important this election was. I’ll remember later that evening tearfully jumping up and down like a child on our living room couch as the newscaster announced Obama had won and would be the new president of the United States of America.  Truly it was a historic day and a question that will be asked for years to come – “Where were you that evening of November 4th?”