Fab Wedding! February 4, 2009

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So I was perusing Nate and Jaclyn’s blog from The Image Is Found and my eyes skimmed and came to a halt when they landed on this fantastical, dreamlike wedding.


She has rosettes on her dress!! =)


whimsical genius. hmmmm, maybe we should try laying on the grass


Her bouquet looks yummy enough to eat. Love colorful flowers that POP!


Best. photo. booth. shot. ever.

The Image Is Found sets the bar for photo booth pics. Their whole line of photos are bursting with hilarity.

check it out

Here’s when I really stopped in wonder. You see what I’m seeing in the background? You thinkin what I’m thinkin?????……..


Where did they find those bridesmaid dresses???


Who knew such an in vogue bridesmaid dress could exist?

The bride was kind enough to share that these dresses for her bridesmaids were found on and to top it off – they’re quite affordable!

More about this site, the dresses, and online bargain finds to come!


5 Responses to “Fab Wedding!”

  1. Aileen Says:

    those dresses do look fabulous!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I had that wedding bookmarked as well and also had my eye on those bm dresses. They are so perfect! I had been looking for some rosette dresses from Anthro that were out a few months ago for my girls, but they are no where to be found now. I have one that I think may be the one we are using, but we are still somewhat on the hunt.

  3. Amy Says:

    Just stumbled across you blog, LOVE it!

  4. Amy, thanks for your comment!

    Melissa – I think I know what Anthro dresses you’re talking about – the gray ones also with rosettes that were worn by a bridal party from The Treasured Petal’s blog. If so, I drooled over those too! Damn girl, we really do have similar taste.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Yes! Those are the dresses I am talking about! Haha. I love them. So adorable.

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