Bridal Hairpiece: the details January 29, 2009


So I got the idea to make that hairpiece I posted below from this print ad photo taken by Amy Squires. This compromise is a cross between liking hair flowers, birdcage veils, and a mantilla veil and wanting to wear all of them – hehehe =). I made it not as large as the picture and did not want to embellish and dress it up too much because I thought that with my earrings, a mantilla veil, and my make up and hair did – it might be overkill and get too busy up there. Although I think I still need to play around with the different angles I could wear it.

Tools you’ll need:

– silk flowers can be found at most craft stores. got mine from Michael’s.

– a hair clip or barette

– glue gun or fabric glue

– (depending on what you want) rhinestones, pearls, lace, crystals, feathers, etc. – can all be found at fabric/craft stores

– scissors

– I bought my birdcage netting and that sheer iridescent material from Heddy’s fabric store in Vegas and cut the fabric into leaf/petal shapes

Find a picture of a hairpiece you like, copy, cut, and glue that baby together. That’s what I always think when I see a hair flower – “I could make that.” Twigs and Honey hand-makes hers, why can’t we?? Save yourself the $50-60 dollars.


One Response to “Bridal Hairpiece: the details”

  1. paula Says:

    you always say you can make anything! and yes you can and did! i am very impressed 🙂

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