Bridal Hairpiece January 28, 2009

Before I go into detail about this hairpiece, let me know what ya think. Yay or nay?




7 Responses to “Bridal Hairpiece”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I think this is pretty… and simple… but for your old world theme, I think you can either dress it up with bits of gold elements or even use some real flowers in it.

  2. I think it’s super cute and would go well with your theme. Agree with previous poster, perhaps dress it up a bit more.

  3. Rona Says:

    I like it. I was looking for something similar for my wedding, but could never find anything that was affordable/cute enough. I also agree with dressing it up a little bit.

  4. Aileen Says:

    I like it! I think it’ll go great with your wedding theme. 🙂

  5. Jasmine Says:

    I really like the style you are going for! It’s both classic and cool for a bride of our pull it off girl!
    One piece of advice would be with the other girls and maybe play it up just a step more..i love the idea of using a real flower instead of the plastic. A white cymbidium orchid maybe? It’s sort of flat so it may work if you want to play with it…Another thing to play with (but if it looks cheesy take it off) maybe bedazzling every other criss cross of the veil with a simple stud to shine it up a bit! it’s really pretty though dana..i say work with it!

  6. paula Says:

    incredibly cute! hells yay! it is very reminiscent of the 1920’s. But how are you going to wear your veil?

  7. Paula I plan to wear the veil under my hair-do like the pic. of the model above. I still got to experiment and see how all of it looks together. Thanks for all the helpful comments ladies!

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