Michelle’s Inaugural Style January 21, 2009


Not only do we get a new first lady, but an arrival of the resurgence of gracious, fresh style that hasn’t caught much attention and caused much buzz since Jackie Kennedy. Contrary to the drab, conventional, dress suits worn by most first ladies and female politicians, Michelle Obama ushers in an elegant but still youthful fashion. As an emblem of modern style, Michelle will continue to cause a stir amongst style-watchers. I love her bold choices of color and fusions of wearing mainstream American retailers while supporting lesser-known fashion designers. Her fresh new take on style is another symbol for just what our country needs.

Above at the inauguration, Michelle was dressed warm yet still pulled off chic, classic, and sophicticated  in a lemongrass wool lace sheath and matching coat designed by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo. Jimmy Choo pumps and green J Crew gloves are a winning match and her wide diamante necklace adds a sparkling touch of elegance. I particularly love that shade of yellow which is a color noted by style experts to represent optimism, confidence, and hope.


In addition to one of America’s newest fashion icons, we get these two little precious fashionistas dressed in crewcuts by J Crew.


Later that evening, Michelle Obama revealed this white chiffon gown designed by Jason Wu. She’s definitely with the trends dressed in this one-shoulder neckline which was a popular sight  on the red carpet of this past Golden Globes. It got some mixed reviews, but I liked the sparkles and appliques and thought the neckline looked flattering on her. What did you think of this white gown?


One Response to “Michelle’s Inaugural Style”

  1. Janet K. Says:

    I do not think the gown was very flattering to her. She appears to be short waisted and this dress emphasized this. It
    was too”fluffy” for a woman of her physical stature. I think that
    a dress that was very sleek and sophisticated would have suited her and been much more flattering. The yellow daytime
    ensemble plus the heavy “diamond”necklace was very inappropriate for the occasion. It would have been OK for an
    evening wedding or a cocktail party. The outfit she wore for
    the afternoon concert was perfect for her. I thought she looked better that afternoon than I had seen her look at any other time.

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