My Holiday December 31, 2008

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This month has been pretty crazy hectic for me this year. I was so looking forward to the holiday break from the madness only to find that chaos had kicked my butt and left me with a cold which I unfailingly catch around my Dec. 23rd birthday every year. Fortunately we made our Christmas day visit to my parents’ house in Vegas where I could finally rest and relax.

There’s no better place to recuperate  from illness like home, especially my home. My mama will have you up and running in no time. Growing up, I use to cower in fear to admit to her that I had caught a cold. She would get all worried and recite her lecture that I got sick for this reason and that reason and that I should take better care of myself by doing this or that. Then she would transform into my devoted nursemaid, taking painstaking care of me or my brother even for the most minor of colds. She’s one of the most caring and loving of mothers and this year I wasn’t too afraid to admit I was sick. This month I was exhausted and wanted to be babied. So along with the medicines, home-cooking, and remedies, my mom busted out  my least favorite treatment –  her juicer. =(

When I was a teenager, every now and then my mom would go into her sermon about how my lips were pale and that I was deficient in vitamins and needed more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Her solution: the loathsome juicer. She’d even try to entice us into drinking it by claiming it would be the end of my acne. She’d shove carrots, celery,  apples, etc. in that juicer and down would drip that orange or even green colored juice.  – it was disgusting and I hated it.

Last weekend she juiced these carrots, radishes, and celery – yeah all together


Here’s the evil woman brewing up her toxic concoction.


Hmmmm looks a little like Thai iced tea – Not!!


She even convinced JD to drink some too and like a good boy and girl we obediently listened. BLECH!


Disclaimer: These outfits are so not style-inspired

Hope you all have had some good r&r this holiday and have a Happy 2009!!!



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