Feather Headbands December 23, 2008

Feather headbands are a popular accessory that come in handy especially for those bad hair days. This trend is a quick fix for unruly hair. Just throw one on and you’re out the door =)

These first 2 are both $48 at Pluma


I love this one from Etsy seller VieModerne


These next ones are from Etsy seller Charm School Design

Left: $36 Right: $32


And of course, Urban Outfitters has some too.

Both $24


Left:$18 Right:$24


How you feelin’ about feathers in your hair?


5 Responses to “Feather Headbands”

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Anne worked her magic once again. =)
    p.s. why don’t you show up on my google reader?

  2. Debbie Says:

    Oooooh good finds, I’m likin’ it!!

  3. kate Says:

    Loving the headband craze! I’ve found a great site,, which has a phenomenal collection of headbands (feathers, bow, etc) I’ve seen out there. The styles are fantastic, AND they’re affordable! Take a look!

  4. Thanks for sharing Kate =)

  5. Hannah Says:

    Kate I just went to the site you recommended and I fell in love. The site looks like a girls site but don’t be fooled, the women’s collection is to die for.

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