Bridal Bling December 12, 2008

I recently found my wedding jewelry. You know the fake kind? I thought I’d end up purchasing it at a department store, but actually found it at Banana Republic of all places at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace when I was in Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday. We were just looking at clothes as I would not expect them to carry formal jewelry, but then this bracelet winked at me from under a glass jewelry case. I LOVE this infamous and coveted ‘Haute Bride’ bracelet and couldn’t help but notice quite a resemblance.


The ever-popular ‘Haute Bride’ bracelet the brides go gaga for is priced at about $300. Thank God I got over my obsession with designer brand names say after the 6th grade. I was not going to drop $300 on this baby and was looking for a similar piece at a much lower price.

The Banana Republic bracelet $49:


pc100454pc100435 pc100456pc100421

I at first hesitated to buy it because the only drawback was that it’s too large for my wrists. I have teeny tiny wrists, but after seeing the $49 price tag with an additional 40% off for the after-Thanksgiving sale, I was sold! Oh well I’ll just be a bride with an over-sized bracelet.

I also found these earrings $34:


They have the slightest hint of blue in the center so they’ll double up as my ‘something blue.’  My pictures don’t do them justice, but both the bracelet and earrings have a great sparkle too!

Here’s another pair of earrings you might be interested in also $34:


They’re not Haute Bride, but for the price and the sparkle – SCORE!!


2 Responses to “Bridal Bling”

  1. beth Says:

    Hi there,

    Your Bridal Bling post from dec ’08 shows the most beautiful banana republic bracelet! I don’t mind spending the money on an haute bride bracelet but would much rather have a jeweled look all around the bracelet like this one has-i am looking and looking online to see if anyone has one for sale-do you have the name of this bracelet?

  2. Sorry Beth there was no name or style# from what I can remember

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