Scarf Trends December 10, 2008

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Scarves are still in season this winter just with a new look. Previous winters we’ve been use to the typical scarf look and wear like this:

about waist/hip length, not too wide, and wrapped around the neck


This season, we’re seeing more and more scarf style like this: loose, wide, tassels, fringe, plaids, prints, and lots of draped fabric.


Raj Imports $48 at Nordstrom


Middle blue scarf:bebe $44

Third scarf: $52  I would recommend wearing something under that scarf though.


white scarf wet seal $10.50 These last 5 scarves are from Urban Outfitters and range from $24-$34


Square scarves are worn ‘cowboy style.’ To get this look, fold the scarf in a triangle and tie the two ends behind your neck. Fluff it out and if you want,  tuck in the front point and wear it loosely draped. It’s a simple way to update and stylize your old wardrobe or a plain sweater =)


2 Responses to “Scarf Trends”

  1. so glad america finally has caught up on the scarf trend. use to wear them all the time in Europe! Thanks for posting wear to buy the scarfs…always searching for news. btw a new follower of your blog =)

  2. Thanks Miss Sapphira! I appreciate your comments ; )

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