Star Motif December 3, 2008

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So I recently received a wedding invitation from two special friends getting hitched very soon and I’ve been lookin’ forward to sharing this creative design. Luckily for Jasmine, her fiance, Mike is one talented graphic designer. He just started his own design business at Well Versed Media and was able to design all their wedding-related media including their invites.

Mike and Jasmine derived their wedding style inspiration from Hollywood by incorporating a star motif. I think the plum, olive, and silver colors they chose create a winning color palette.  3 unique details of their invitation enthralled me when I opened the envelope and Mike and Jasmine chuckled after I unconsciously awed it out loud like a kid seeing fireworks for the first time.

(click pictures to see larger image)

The Envelope

(I really like that metallic/iridescent finish)



First detail: The subtle use of these little charming stars!


Second detail: hmmmm a curious little tag reading “pull”


Third detail: Surprise! How cool is that and how cute is this couple? I really like their engagement photo too and the urban feel of it! =)


I just had to ask Mike what was his inspiration for this creative idea and he said, “For the cut-out, I wanted to take it back and bring back “pull out/pop up” style books. You know the kind that you loved as a kid? You pull the tab and there’s a surprise. I remember always being so anxious to see what was behind after I had pulled the tab.”

If childhood is not the best inspiration for any art form, I don’t know what is – that’s my opinion.

Mike, I don’t even want to ask how long it took you to make these invitations, but your labor of love sure did pay off. Lookin’ forward to your guys’ wedding! ; )

Check in soon! All these stars got me seein’ somethin’ else and that’s another post in itself……


3 Responses to “Star Motif”

  1. Myckel Reyes Says:

    Very nice post! =) Website is coming soon. (after the wedding of course) For now, if interested in concepting ideas, please forward all inquiries to: See you guys soon. Cheers!


  2. Thanks for sharing, the invites. They are awesome! I just stumbled onto you blog, after seeing it in your siggy.

  3. Jasmine Says:

    Awww Dana! Thank you for using our invitation for Style Inspired! The hard work definitely paid off but I’ve got to tell you that it did take A WHILE to get those babies finished! It was worth it though! I can’t wait for the big day!!! =D
    I will be sure to be talking to you soon….I loved your blog!! <3Jas
    ps..the little stars on the front and silver stars inside was a little touch I added…hehe..aside from that…big props to my creative hubby to be for being so innovative!! =P

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