Favorite Color Of The Moment November 20, 2008

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Every now and then when I step into a clothing store, a particular color catches my eye and I gravitate towards it whenever it reappears on another rack. Here’s my color of the moment. My best description would be to call it a light teal.


I usually end up purchasing a few articles of clothing for myself in that shade. Last month I picked up this ruffled blouse and this sweater dress.


I absolutely adore this next photo from The Sartorialist. Not only is her sweater in my favorite light teal color, but this outfit shows how another fashion trend (lace tights) are done right. The gray and light teal are such complementary colors and I also like the ruffle detail on her coat. From top to bottom it’s definitely a look worth stealing.


Got a favorite color of the moment?


One Response to “Favorite Color Of The Moment”

  1. pm Says:

    anything not black or brown should be my color. good to see that bold colors are in style.

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