Art Deco November 19, 2008

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Art Deco themed weddings are quite popular these days. Since Art Deco was a design movement, its style can be carried out into most all elements of wedding decor which is what I love about this theme.

I was hoping to cover Art Deco in 1 post, but didn’t realize how lengthy it was becoming till I started falling asleep on my laptop last night. So I’ll break this up into 3 or 4 segments alternating with some fashion posts for the following days.

Deco Designs by avintagejewel

Art Deco was an international design movement between the years of 1925 until 1939. Essentially its purpose was purely decorative and influenced the arts including architecture, interior design, fashion, painting, film, etc. The Roaring Twenties epitomizes the culmination of this movement’s popularity. Lo and behold this movement has once again reemerged. This time into the decorative and visual arts of wedding design. During its prime, the Art Deco style was seen as modern, elegant, and functional.


Sunburst motifs and geometric patterns are a trademark of Art Deco architectural and interior design. The following photos were taken by Jason Q. Tran at the Cicada. We’re thrilled to have him as our photographer.



More to come!!


One Response to “Art Deco”

  1. mumbaikar Says:

    love the application of Art Deco to style.

    Here’s what you see of Art Deco influence in Mumbai. Art Deco style was very popular in Mumbai, India in the 1930s. As the city was expanding due to land reclamation projects to connect the seven separate islands, wonderful building were built in this style. Many of these structures are still intact, although their upkeep is not that great.

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